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Things You Need to Know When Shopping for Jewellery Designers

Custom designed ringJewellery is one of the purchases we make that can hold its value. It can also be passed on from one generation to another, making it a very valuable possession which in theory can last for centuries. In the past, not everyone could afford to buy precious stones such as diamonds and expensive metals as they were only accessible for the rich. However, in the recent times, almost anyone can have their own piece of jewellery that is just right for their style and affordable to most people. Here are some tips that can help you in choosing the jewellery designers for you.

Antique jewellery is can make a great heirloom that anyone can get but you need to treat it carefully. To illustrate, if your grandmother or your mother passes on a piece of antique jewellery, make sure that you do not clean it. The reason for this is that antique items should look old and not be sparkling like new jewellery.

You may be planning on becoming engaged and you want to let your boyfriend know what type of engagement ring you want. To avoid sounding demanding, you can simply drop hints for him. One of the things that you can do is to cut out pictures of engagement rings that you like and place them in strategic areas such as near his car keys and on your bathroom mirror. You can also leave a magazine open at a page with a ring like the one you would like. When he sees it, he will have an idea that you are actually now expecting him to propose to you plus he will also have a good sense of the style of engagement ring you would prefer.

Aside from that, you can also ask your best friends to talk to him casually. Your friends can help him out in choosing the kind of ring that you want and even your ring size. Of course, saying it to him would be nice and you could even buy the ring together; however, you will no longer be surprised and let’s face it, which girl doesn’t want a truly memorable wedding proposal. There are Auckland jewellery designers that can take suggestions from your friends and design a unique ring perfect for you.

Let’s say that you bought new pieces of jewellery, it is very important is to ask the salesperson on how to properly care for your new purchases. Remember, different precious stones need to be cleaned and cared for so that they will last longer.

Cleaning your jewellery is good, however; it would be better if you take proactive steps to reduce the number of times it actually needs cleaning. For instance, before you get to work on your chores at home, make sure to remove all of your jewellery. This way, it would not get any dirt or residue when you clean especially if you are using harsh chemicals such as bathroom cleaners and disinfectants.

Designer jewellery diamond ring
Designer jewellery diamond ring

If you cannot afford to buy jewellery for special occasions, you can opt to rent them instead. What makes this kind of service unique is the fact that you do not have to spend thousands of dollars especially if you do not intend to keep the jewellery. Besides that, if you are renting very elaborate and huge jewels, you cannot use them daily because they are only fit for special occasions and you do not actually want to wear the same pieces of jewellery over and over again. Just make sure though that if ever you are renting designer jewellery, they must be covered with insurance so that if it happens to get lost, you will not pay for it.

Before buying any jewellery, think about it first and do not be in haste. You would want to be happy with what you bought and you do not want to regret buying what you don’t really need. It is also easy to get carried away and be too excited when you are looking at the jewellery.

These tips will help you with your decisions in shopping for jewellery designers. Always remember to take your time and enjoy the moment. One place you will certainly enjoy is Orsini Jewellery Designers in Parnell, Auckland. They have a range of Italian designer jewellery and their own custom designed collections.