Different Types of Bridal Jewellery

Different Types Of Bridal Jewellery

wedding bandsFinding the perfect bridal jewellery piece is often among the most daunting and cumbersome tasks for a bride-to-be. The main reason is because of the massive variety of jewellery items on the Auckland market to choose from. Further, these pieces of jewellery can indeed be quite expensive depending on the particular metal or stone you prefer. With all of these things to take into account, it is no wonder that brides can be a bit nervous about making a decision on which piece of bridal jewellery to pick. In order for you to get the perfect bridal jewellery piece, it is paramount to take a number of factors into consideration before spending heavily on expensive pieces of jewellery. A little knowledge about the most popular metals and stones used to make the more common items will therefore come in handy if you are looking for Auckland bridal jewellery.

Popular Types of Metals And Stones Used To Make Bridal Jewellery:


In the world of fine jewellery, having a basic knowledge on the four Cs of diamonds is essential. These Cs stand for the carat, cut, colour and clarity, of the popular and precious stone. Each specific category has a considerable effect on the price of each stone. The differences can be surprising and have a massive effect on the price. For example a big diamond is not always more expensive than a small one if the smaller one has better clarity and colour. You will need to talk to an expert jeweller to get some guidance on how these four different impacts change the prices of diamonds. However, depending on your budget, you should be able to find a stone that suits both your wedding dress and your own style or personality. The good thing about diamond jewellery pieces is that cheaper gemstones can further be used to embellish the products to further enhance the allure of the jewellery.

Shape – or more accurately the cut in diamond jewellery can take various forms ranging from oval shaped stones to emerald and even heart shaped diamonds used in wedding bands. When selecting a particular diamond shape, it would be in your best interest to carefully consider the figure, persona and overall style of the wearer. Wider bands with square or round centre stones for instance will look exceptional on a person who has longer fingers. If she has shorter fingers instead, a significantly thinner band with a marquise or pear shaped stone would be more preferable so as to make the fingers seem longer. Bold styled diamond shapes and larger stones are better left to curvier brides.


Auckland wedding bandsGold has always been a popular metal especially when it comes to bridal jewellery. Its classic appearance, striking appeal and timeless quality indeed makes it an outright favourite especially among couples getting married. However, it is important to note that gold in its purest form (24karat) is considered too soft for general use especially when used as bridal jewellery. This is one reason people choose other metals for the ring like platinum or lower grade versions of gold which have other metals added to the base gold. Some of the more common metals which are added include nickel, copper, zinc, or silver and they add strength to the bridal jewellery pieces and make them more durable for enhanced longevity. As an example, the widespread 18k gold is only 75% pure gold and has other elements added to it to make it harder than the more pure form. the main reason why In essence, the ration of gold to alloy will eventually project the carat weight and purity of the jewellery hence the price tag.

Types Of Gold Used For Bridal Jewellery:

Generally, there are two main types bridal jewellery made of gold mainly consisting of white and yellow gold. Even though the prices of both yellow and white gold bridal jewellery may slightly vary, they are more or less the same in terms of gold content and durability.

Yellow Gold – these personalities often come out strongly to portray their love for jewellery made out of this particular metal. If the wearer has one or two jewellery pieces made from yellow gold, then it would definitely be in your best interest to go for a ring made out of the classic choice. According to experts, the metal tends to complement individuals with warmer skin tones better. All in all, it will eventually boil down to her persona and preference.

White Gold – if your partner enjoys wearing jewellery with silvery appearances, then white gold will most likely blow her mind away. The appearance is more subtle and contemporary compared to yellow gold. The main benefit however, is its distinctive ability to blend in well with most clothing colours, textures and other jewellery pieces.

Most Common Types of Bridal Jewellery

The ring or wedding band is the most obvious form of jewellery at a marriage ceremony. It is used in the service itself to signify the joining together for eternity of the two people. Certainly the most common type of bridal jewellery is the wedding band Auckland jewellers like Orsini Fine Jewellery, have reported. They have more requests for these than other bridal pieces.

In conclusion, finding the perfect bridal jewellery will eventually boil down to a number of factors such as the jeweller’s reputation, your budget and the overall quality of the materials. However, never be in a rush to go for a product that is way beyond your budget as you can always upgrade to better jewellery pieces in future. Always remember to insist on quality regardless of the amount you choose to invest in Auckland bridal jewellery. For more details on Auckland bridal jewellery click here.