Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Tips for Selecting an Engagement Ring

Auckland white gold engagement ring
Auckland white gold engagement ring

When it comes to getting married, one of the most stressful things that every potential groom faces is selecting an engagement ring. If the proposal is a surprise, which many women prefer, it can make it very challenging for most men to find the perfect one. However, there are a few things that all men need to consider prior to making a selection.

If you are considering popping the question to the woman of your dreams, the first thing you need to figure out is how much money you can afford to spend. As a general rule, it is suggested that you dedicate an amount equal to two month’s salary toward the engagement ring. If this seems particularly steep, you may want to consider financing in order to get the right one. Remember that this is your opportunity to show her how much you love her. Of course money does not equate to love. Some women even dislike the idea of spending thousands of dollars on a ring. You will know your girlfriend’s views on the topic so do not be tempted to go outside her boundaries, whichever way.

You will need to determine the style of the ring. This aspect involves a great many considerations, including the material of the band and the stones. A good place to begin doing your research is by looking at the jewellery she already owns. Does she prefer rose or the traditional yellow gold? Perhaps she wears platinum or silver. This will assist you in figuring out the material to choose for the band.

Also look at her existing jewellery to see if she prefers more traditional styles or if she is inclined toward modern designs. Is her jewellery relatively simple or does she like flashier designs? The more you can observe from what she already likes, the greater the chance you will select a ring that will impress her for years to come. You could sneak a couple of items to take to a jewellery shop so the jeweller can assist you with something similar or in keeping with that style.

The shape of the stone is one thing that many women find very important in regards to their engagement ring. From a simple round cut diamond ring to a stunning emerald cut, there are many shapes available. If possible, pay attention to those engagement rings she finds attractive on other women to determine which one she would like for herself.

Auckland engagement ringIn addition to the shape, there are four different elements regarding the stone that you need to pay attention to. These are generally called the four Cs. This refers to the carat, cut, clarity and colour of the stone. The cut involves not only the shape but how the facets are designed to reflect the greatest amount of shine.

The carat involves the size of the diamond. If she has her heart set on a larger stone, you may want to find one with a greater surface area that is not as deep in order to remain with budget.

The clarity relates to the amount of flaws or blemishes that may be seen when viewing the diamond through a magnifying glass. Don’t worry about the idea that the diamond has flaws; they all do. In the case of buying a diamond, the more flaws, the lower the clarity which means a lower price for the diamond.

In regards to colour, there are a wide range of colours going from colourless to yellowy in hue. Many of these differences are incredibly subtle and cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, even a few grades of difference in colour can make a tremendous impact on the price of the diamond. You should select one with the best colour that you can afford without sacrificing size or other aspects of the diamond.

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When it comes to selecting an engagement ring for the woman you love, you need to consider your budget and her particular tastes when it comes to shopping for one. Then, use what you have learned about the four Cs to make a purchase that will please both of you.